Region dla rodziny i dzieci

Parents with children will find many interesting places in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, where they can spend time in many ways depending on their interests.

Attractions of Bydgoszcz and Toruń

To have fun you should go to Bydgoszcz . From May to October you can take a trip by water tram. Moreover you should visit Leśny Park Kultury i Wypoczynku in Myślęcek . Parents with children can go use there a  train with colourful train sets, funfairs and a playground. Moreover you can visit, the only in Poland the Ogród Fauny Polskiej – Garden of Polish Flora , where you will meet a real bear and stroke small animals.


ensures many attractions for kids and their parents. From the boulevards you can take a trip by ship on the Vistula River. Futhermore, there is also a zoobotanical garden  presenting a unique bird kingdom, so called aviary. You should take your children for delicious gingerbreads as well. The lovers of trips into the universe will for sure visit Planetarium  offering awesome astronomical shows. If you are coming to Toruń with children, do not forget visiting the theatre Baj Pomorski . Great shows bring the spectators into the world of funny and wise fairy tales.

If you go just a few kilometres outside Toruń heading for Unisław, you can reach the Forest School in Barbarka . You can learn a lot there about nature and ecology and at the same time spend time in a healthy and active manner in a  cosy forest scenery.

Parks with dinosaurs

For all the brave there are two parks with dinosaurs in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. One of the parks is located in Rogowo (, the second Jurassic Park  near Solec Kujawski. You can see there face to face raptorial tyrannosaurus, gigantic saltasaurus or fierce pterodactyl. In both parks apart from enormous reptiles there is an attractive playground for children.

While heading for Rogowo you should visit the museum of engine in Venice and go by gauge train ( In the vicinity there is an old settlement Biskupin , where you can learn how people lived 2,700 years ago.

Adventure in Bory Tucholskie

The lovers of adventures cannot miss Bory Tucholskie . You can come here for holidays to one of many resorts located here (depot) or stay in agrotourism farm. Everybody will feel real trapper or Indian. You can search through thick forests, canoe by rivers and lakes or enter large wigwam in the Indian museum  in Wymysłowo near Tuchola .
You will experience similar adventures only in Pojezierze Brodnickie . Although there is no Indian museum, however there is "treasure island" on the Bachotek lake.

Medieval castles

To get back to times of princesses and princes you should go to castle in Golub Dobrzyń . You can admire there mysterious yards, rooms and corridors, watch knight tournaments and listen to unique legends. When enormous walls make you dizzy, you can go to the open air museum of mini castles near Chełmno . Reduced with the touch of magic wand these castles can be walked around. You should visit the castle ruins in Radzyń Chełmiński

Ciechociek and Inowrocław

When you want to breathe healthy air it is worth visiting graduation towers in Ciechocinek or Inowrocław. Brine water falling down the wooden constructions creates there unique fresh microclimate. Walking passages covered with flowers and espaliers of trees create a great scenery for family walks. The youngest will be able to go there and have fun while the parents can rest on one of the park banks. In many resorts many cultural events are held there, providing great entertainment and stay. You can come there for longer stay as well. Ciechocinek itself offers many resort farcicalities for 4,200 guests, including 300 places for children.

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Region dla rodziny i dzieci
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