Bydgoszcz Convention Bureau

Bydgoszcz Convention Bureau

Bydgoszcz – a city between two rivers

Convention Bureau of the City Promotion Department baldly and effectively faces business tourism of today creating reliable image of the conference city of Bydgoszcz – friendly and open to visitors, offering professional services of highest quality.

The ability to effectively use city’s rich conference infrastructure is definitely not only of its assets. Due to multiple tourist qualities of this place managing conference time is not a problem.

Over 660 years old Bydgoszcz is a place where unique charm of historic granaries and Art Nouveau houses intertwined with modern structures and green parks is reflected in the mirror of Bydgoski Channel and two rivers: Vistula and Brda. Perfect location provided by, among others, highly developed shipping lanes and an international airport makes Bydgoszcz one of the fastest developing cities in the country.

Great role in the city’s development play sport events connected to such disciplines as:

1. speedway – Grand Prix
2. track-and-field
3. volleyball (World League)
4. basketball
5. canoeing and rowing

Bydgoszcz is also a musical city. Two national scenes operate here: Pomorska Philharmonics and Opera Nova, international music festivals take place (Bydgoszcz Music Impressions, Bydgoszcz Opera Festival, Musica Antiqua Europae Orientalis), young performers contests – pianists and violinists. Fans of popular music will definitely find something interesting in various clubs and pubs.

Managers of past events, conferences and meetings know already that work in Bydgoszcz is efficient, fast and professional and the question of “what shall we do after the conference?” no longer keeps them awake at night.

Biuro Kongresów i Konferencji (Bydgoszcz Convention Bureau)
ul. Niedźwiedzia 2, 85 - 104 Bydgoszcz
tel. +48 52 585 83 55, +48 52 340 45 50  

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Bydgoszcz Convention Bureau
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