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Kujawsko-Pomorskie is a dream place for managers of conferences, events and trainings.

Central localization and developed infrastructure of land, air and water communication ensure comfortable travel. International Airport in Bydgoszcz, railway network, transit companies, car rentals, infallible city communication and attractive water tram, tourist ships and narrow-rail tram help you get anywhere in the region traditional way.

Several renowned conference spots of the region will ensure pleasant stay with regional hospitality. Catering offers of hundreds of restaurants provide variety of regional and refined dishes. High quality of meals guarantees participant’s contentment.

Kujawsko-Pomrskie is a region surprising with outstanding variety of tourist assets. Wide array of free time spending make us reach everyone, even the most demanding guests. You can take an exciting travel in time starting with the “Polish Pompeii” in Biskupin, through the medieval Chełmno, knight tournaments in Golub-Dobrzyń, gothic Toruń and modern Bydgoszcz with contemporary granaries and futuristic solar energy-powered water tram.

Ciechocinek and Inowrocław will provide you with health regeneration. SPA & Wellness, salt parks, “tężnie” – the unique microclimate will restore everyone’s good mood.

Active rest will provide unforgettable experiences. Canoeing trips of various difficulties, sailing, diving, cycling, hiking – Kujawsko-Pomorskie provides perfect conditions for all of these activities. Those who wish to spend the whole night up may choose from variety of cultural events or just hang out in one of hundreds of pubs.

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Organize your conference with us!
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